“How To Position Your Private Practice For Even Bigger Success In 2020 And Beyond...

So You Don't Have To Suffer The Impact Of SHRINKING REIMBURSEMENTS AND VANISHING PROFITS That Are Threatening The Industry!"

Inside this free book, you’ll learn about the major ‘SHIFTS’ you need to make to increase your reimbursement rate by 5x to 10x all while improving patient effectiveness by 62%:

Key #1 - The 5x - 10x Increase - Drastically increase the reimbursement rate per average patient visit by 5 to 10 times with these changes. Discover how to unlock an entirely new universe of CPT codes that the average physical therapist has no clue exists or knows is available for PTs! (This works regardless of your state...)

Key #2 - The Staff Retention Method
- This isn’t like your typical methods of retaining staff! Uncover a unique and effective strategy that will allow you to attract and keep the best team for your clinic. This new technology and our groundbreaking approach puts you back into the driver's seat of recruiting.

Key #3 - Improved Patient Treatment Effectiveness - How to improve patient treatment effective by 62% with this small tweak to the PT evaluation model. (This is how you build a rock-solid base of patients who tell everyone about you did what no other clinic could do…)

Key #4 - 7-figure Revenue Streams - Implement different revenue models that can each yield 7-figure results in the next 12 to 24 months. (We've been doing this in our practice for the past two decades…)

How To Implement ADVANCED Technology In Your Clinic That
Puts You Light Years Ahead Of Local Competition!”

"Private Practice PT Beyond 2020"... How To Position Your Private Practice For Even Bigger Success In 2020 And Beyond

“Can I really use diagnostic testing to grow my practice?”

We always smile at this question, because literally 99% of ALL private practices have two goals that diagnostic testing enhances more than anything else in physical therapy: providing the best patient care possible and maintaining healthy profitability.

Yet for some crazy reason when people think about how to grow their practice's revenue and quality of care, they look for fads, gimmicks and strategies that potentially undermine what we do as physical therapists.

That's with no disrespect to the people who create and use those "add-on" strategies to grow. We're just not talking about that.

Instead we're talking about a proven, completely-congruent strategy centered around various diagnostic tests–which PTs can successfully provide and bill insurances for–that can meet your clinical goals and profitable goals.

This book will take you behind the scenes of how we stumbled upon this massive, multi-million dollar breakthrough at the lowest point in our almost three decades of owning a private practice.

You'll be able to see how we beat a 60% decrease in reimbursements (we went from an average of $140 down to $55 before we uncovered the power of diagnostic) to avoid our clinic having to shut its doors.

I’ll also tell you how we've been able to help dozens of other private practitioners just like you take the strategies and systems we've pioneered to create unmatched success and clinical dominance in their own cities.

It's time for diagnostic testing. Diagnostic testing is the future of private practice physical therapy and now is the time to embrace it.

Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Getting...

Looking to add bigger profits and better patient care to your practice beyond the traditional options given to PTs? This book is for you! Read this book instead and you'll discover how to get insurances to reimburse you 5x to 10x your current rate per patient visit. Also discover how you can improve patient treatment effectiveness to help your patients get better...faster.

When you combine these strategies with the possibilities direct access provides, you will unlock a new level of autonomy previously unknown to physical therapists.

  • How this one discovery in a meeting with our consultant led to a multimillion dollar breakthrough revolutionizing the PT industry.
  • What actions we took to keep 13 clinics open when when our reimbursements dropped by almost 60% virtually overnight and we were seeing negative profits.
  • Our predictions about bundling and how it will drastically impact the way you treat patients and how you bill insurances.
  • The #1 paradigm-shifting difference between the traditional model of PT and our Beyond 2020 model.
  • The easiest and simplest way to generate an additional 7-figures in your practice when you implement the Beyond 2020 model.
  • How PTs are becoming board-certified in record speed by enrolling in this brand-new residency and fellowship program by Hands-On Diagnostics
  • The new universe of CPT codes available to PTs and what you must do in order to utilize them and get reimbursed 5x to 10x your current rates.
  • The kinds of diagnostic tests you can utilize in your practice to help you discover the root of your patients’ problems.
  • Why the current model of PT is insufficient and what to do in order to change it.
  • Strategies to gain a quantifiable advantage over your competitors and help more people get better faster.
  • Insight into the Medicare “mess” that is making it more challenging for PTs to provide quality treatment.
  • Ways to implement Beyond 2020 in your practice so you can take full advantage of direct access
  • Why the Beyond 2020 model will help shield you from hospital takeovers while other practices remain vulnerable to them.
  • Innovative strategies that actually make physicians want to do business with you and refer as many patients to you as they can.
  • Ways to generate income from diagnostic tests in your practice… even before you become board-certified (this is only possible with our Beyond 2020 model)
  • The Beyond 2020 method for recruiting high-caliber staff and retaining them without burning them out.

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Like we mentioned before, this book is free. All we ask is that you help us cover the printing and postage costs ($9.95 US or $19.95 international).

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If you know us at all, you know that’s simply not how we do business

There's NO hidden "continuity program"...

NO programs that you accidentally enter into and then can’t ever get out of… (we hate those)

No 3rd-party partners that you don’t realize you’re signing up to…(we hate those even more)

But there ARE are few reasons why we're doing this:

1. It’s our way of saying giving back to the private practice community. Private Practice Physical Therapy has opened a LOT of doors for us in the past 30 years, and this is kind of a unique way to give back in our own meaningful way based on our discoveries.

2. Because we are driven by the idea of elevating the profession. It's the highest goal in our company and we feel personally responsible to do our part in making that happen. Physical therapists (especially private practitioners) need this information so they can be positioned to thrive in the future.

3. We see around the corner in the industry! We know there are challenging times ahead for the industry. And if practice owners are prepared, they'll become prey to new regulations, the medicare "mess," shrinking profit margins and vanishing reimbursement rates. We've actually been there and we were able to beat it only because of what we discovered about diagnostic testing.

4. We have an amazing company, Hands-On Diagnostics, where we exclusively help practice owners implement diagnostic testing so they can get reimbursed by insurances and become board-certified. As a result, we get asked tons of questions all the time about how it works, what it actually is, and how they can grow 7-figure additional revenue streams. We wrote this book to provide an in-depth look into this diagnostic revolution; as the guide to Private Practice PT Beyond 2020. And we want to get this critical information into the hands of as many private practitioners as possible.

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